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Safety & Scam Alerts for MAAR Members

Your safety and that of your clients and their property is important to us. These listings are based on reports from MAAR members. Please let us know if you experience a dangerous or questionable situation so that we can warn others and notify the authorities if applicable. You can also report scams via

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For information about these postings, contact Kira McNeil at 901.818.2419.

Important Agent Notice

A suspicious buyer has raised eyebrows. See details here.

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Odd Situation Concerning a Listed Property

If you experience(d) something similar, please contact MAAR.

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Fraudulent Craigslist Rental Listings

Find out what to do when your listing ends up on Craigslist.

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Suspicious Individual Targeting REALTORS®

He has been calling agents throughout Tennessee as well as several other states. See here for details.

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Scam Alert: Suspicious Buyer

A suspicious, purportedly out-of-town buyer is targeting agents in TN & MS.

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Scam Alert: Suspicious Foreign Buyers

Don't be fooled by foreign buyers with tales of large-sum accounts.

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Scam Alert: Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire transfer remains a threat to our industry. Exercise caution when wiring money in real estate transactions.

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Fraudulent Buyers Targeting High-Cost Homes

Please be advised that a couple has been contacting agents with fraudulent bank letters.

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Phishing Attempts

A sender posing as NAR is sending phishing emails. Be careful not to click any links.

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Scam Alert: Fake Association Billing Florida Members

If you see anything similarly suspicious, do not hesitate to contact NAR.

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Open House Theft Alert

A woman has been searching for medications in various homes. Please keep an eye out during your open houses.

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