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MLS & MAARdata Support

The MAAR MLS support team offers members the highest level of MLS and MAARdata support and training. Services include phone, e-mail and remote desktop support for MLS and MAARdata and a wide array of MLS training courses, online learning tutorials, and one-on-one training and consultation. Check the MLS training schedule regularly for updates.

MLS & MAARdata Support
MAAR MLS & MAARdata support office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 901.818.2455 for the MLS Team, or send an e-mail to for assistance. (Note: In order to best resolve problems and questions via e-mail, please be as specific as possible.)

MAAR Computer Lab Training
MAAR offers a wide array of training to help members increase their understanding of the MLXchange and MAARdata systems and how to best use them to benefit their business. Most courses are taught in the MAAR Computer Lab, which is equipped with 10 computers for hands-on training.

Several monthly webinars are also offered; visit the MAAR Calendar for a complete list. In addition, online tutorials can provide answers to many user questions.

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