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MAAR has several standing committees and other annual appointed committees that review specific issues and make recommendations on action to the Board of Directors. In addition, the President and/or Board appoints task forces to address specific issues within a definite period of time. Also, MAAR members serve on various committees that report to the Education Foundation. For information, click the committee name below.

Please refer to MAAR's Open/Closed Meeting Policy for committee meetings if you are interested in inquiring about attending as a guest. 

Committee Sign-up & Appointment Process

The committee sign-up and appointment process occurs each Fall for the following calendar year. In addition to the committee sign-up form being posted on this website, MAAR will notify the membership via our electronic publications that we are accepting request forms.

Submitting a request form is not a guaranteed appointment. While every effort will be made to accommodate requests, appointments are limited to available space with consideration given to the overall make-up of each committee (i.e. member type, firm size, geographical representation, gender, ethnicity, primary specialty). The MAAR President (or MAAR Education Foundation, if applicable) works in conjunction with his/her Chairmen to match the scope of each committee's work with the strengths and relevant experience of interested volunteers.

Term Limits

In order to prevent stagnant thinking, terms on committees are limited to three (3) consecutive years.

MAAR Committees

Affiliate Council Grievance
Awards* Member Relations
Benevolent Fund Fundraising Member Services
Blight Initiatives MLS Information Network
Budget & Finance Nominating*
Cultural Diversity Past Presidents Advisory*
Education Course Monitors** Professional Development**
Fair & Affordable Housing Professional Standards
Governing Documents REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC)
Governmental Affairs Scholarship**

* Non-standing MAAR Committee
Education Foundation Committee
† MAAR Benevolent Fund Corporation Committee
‡ Task Force