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Your offer has been accepted and you have been approved for a loan. However, there are a few things that need to happen before you can move into your new home. Your REALTOR® will suggest a real estate attorney you should use to conduct the closing. You do not have to use the company your REALTOR® suggests, but you must use an attorney who has been approved by the title company and the lender in order to close the loan. The attorney will collect the contract, mortgage documents and other information to review and prepare the closing documents. You will be required to provide certain information to the attorney, such as the name of your homeowners insurance company. The attorney or escrow company will review the title to make sure it is clear. The seller or his agent will also provide a wood destroying insect infestation report, i.e. termite letter, which shows that the property is free of infestation or damage caused by infestation.

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