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If you are a real estate industry professional, but not a licensed agent, the best way for you to get connected to the REALTOR® family is to join MAAR as an Affiliate member. Affiliate membership is available for those who work in conjunction with real estate professionals, but who do not sell real estate. Examples are, but are not limited to: appraisers, mortgage bankers, closing attorneys, home inspectors, home warranty representatives, insurance agents, pest control specialists, staging companies, interior design companies and web design companies. Membership is on an individual basis, not a company basis. In other words, one person will join and hold membership, not the entire company.

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How do I become a MAAR Affiliate Member?

  1. Submit an Affiliate application.
  2. Pay dues and fees.
  3. Election to Affiliate membership by voting members.
Primary Affiliate Dues

Primary Affiliate member dues are for MAAR only. Dues are $250 per calendar year and are prorated according to the month applicant joins, as follows:

 July  $125
 February  $229  August  $104
 March  $208  September  $83
 April  $188  October  $313*
 May  $167  November  $292*
 June  $146  December  $271*

*Through the end of next calendar year.

New Primary Affiliate member application fee is $50.

Individual Affiliate Dues

Individual Affiliate member dues are for MAAR only. Dues are $160 per calendar year and are prorated according to the month applicant joins, as follows:

 July  $80
 February  $147  August  $67
 March  $134  September  $54
 April  $120  October  $200*
 May  $107  November  $187*
 June  $94  December  $174*

*Through the end of next calendar year.

New Individual Affiliate member application fee is $10.

What can I do next to maximize my affiliate membership?

Get involved! You most likely wanted to become an affiliate member to tell more of our REALTOR® members about you and your business, and there is no better way to do that than to get out there and get to know them! The best advantage of your membership is the access you have to potential clients! You'll get out of your membership everything that you put in.

Maximize your member benefits!

Your Association is working for you. As a member, you are entitled to member communications, monthly market reports & statistics, legislative advocacy on your industry's behalf, community service and being part of a strong group of professionals. You are also eligible to apply for MAAR Benevolent Fund monies if tragedy strikes. Your MAAR membership is working for you. Are you working it?

Stay in the loop!

MAAR Affiliate members receive the MAAR Weekly REALTOR® e-newsletter, as well as MAAR This Month, the monthly e-calendar. In addition, affiliate members will receive e-mails and notifications from MAAR regarding special events and announcements. Stay connected to us on Facebook and Twitter as well! You'll have access to the monthly market & MLS reports as well.


As an affiliate member, you are always welcome to attend any and all MAAR events. This includes membership events, the Inaugural, the Honors & Awards event, fundraisers, the Annual Meeting & Election party, RPAC and political events, as well as education courses. These events are excellent networking opportunities for REALTORS® and Affiliate members.


Get involved in the Affiliate Council! The Affiliate Council is meant to be a fun group for colleagues to get to know each other and collaborate on activities to network with and educate REALTOR® members. The Affiliate Council is free to join, and open to all MAAR affiliate members - simply fill out the application form.  


MAAR affiliate members are often asked to teach classes in their field of expertise. Whether its inspections, financing, warranty or what happens at the closing table, our Affiliates are the experts. When Affiliates are asked to instruct, they must do so without representing their company, but rather simply to present the topic.   


You are also encouraged to serve on a MAAR committee. Our committees are the backbone of the organization, and give you the chance to work side-by-side with other MAAR members. The committee selection process takes place in November for the coming year, and applications are submitted to fill a limited number of vacant positions. MAAR also coordinates volunteer opportunities for the Youth Villages 5K and 10 Miler race.

Stand out!

The annual sponsor packages give affiliate members the chance to promote their business by getting direct exposure to REALTOR® members via marketing and recognition in event promotions. Opportunities for a full-year sponsorship range from Premier Partners to 3-Star Sponsors. The goal is to find something that will work for you and your business to reach your marketing objectives.

Be accessible!

The names and firms of all Affiliate members are printed in the MAAR Membership Directory each month, so it will be easy for REALTOR® members to find you. Sponsors of a certain level get special recognition in the directory. These directories are available for purchase by MAAR members only, and include the names, offices and addresses of the more than 3,200 MAAR members.

Get rewarded!

MAAR's Awards Committee selects an Affiliate member to recognize at the Honors & Awards luncheon held each December. The MAAR Affiliate Member of the Year award is prestigious and shows other members you are committed not only to your business, but to the Association. See past recipients.
For more information about your Affiliate membership, contact the MAAR office at 901.685.2100.

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