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Call for Nominations for the Shorty Watkins Unsung Hero Award

The Benevolent Fund Board of Trustees will meet in early November to select the recipient of the Shorty Watkins Unsung Hero Award. This award is bestowed in recognition of one's involvement in the programs and fundraising events of the MAAR Benevolent Fund, including personal contributions and achievements.

The ideal candidate will have a record of service to the MAAR Benevolent Fund which includes:

I. Participation in Benevolent Fund Events

a. Volunteering at events;
b. Raising interest via word-of-mouth;

II. Leadership Role

a. Serving as president of the Benevolent Fund Fundraising Committee;
b. Coordinating events;
c. Chairing task forces and/or subcommittees;
d. Suggesting ideas and undertaking follow-up for implementation.

III. Fundraising

a. Soliciting sponsorship for events;
b. Spearheading a fundraising event.

All award recipients must be current MAAR members in good financial standing with no pending ethics violations being investigated by MAAR.

The Benevolent Fund Board of Trustees invites you to submit your name or nominate a colleague for consideration. Please submit a letter of interest by Nov. 2 to Carolyn Spikner.

Awards will be presented at the annual Honors & Awards Luncheon.


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